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A hot-air balloon creates excitement that attracts & holds every ones attention.  Just imagine the impact of seeing your company's name, logo or product replica displayed on a flying billboard, 8 stories tall!

Commercial Balloons displaying company logos make an excellent marketing medium for creating prestige & positive brand awareness.

A corporate balloon is an excellent addition to any existing marketing program, and it's not surprising that many major companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Pontiac, Energizer, and Re-Max have included advertising balloons in their marketing strategies.

Promotional Tethers
Hot Air Balloon tethering is one of the more popular options in commercial ballooning.  The balloon is brought on a vehicle to the specified location of the tether. It is then set up and tied off in 3 locations to provide a safe and manageable operation.

The tethered balloon is able to take off and land in the same location multiple times, allowing over 150+ people to have a chance to go up in the balloon. This can be an ideal scenario for anyone looking to take up a lot of people or to attain the image of the balloon being in a central location for a certain period of time.Balloon tethers are best accomplished in early to mid-morning,late afternoons as well as mid-evening.

Fully inflated, the balloon stands 80 ft tall and may be tethered to 100ft.

Many people wonder just how much space is needed for such an operation.  We typically tell our clients to stand in the center of the desired area and give us a 200' X 200' box that is clear of power lines, light poles and other obstructions.

Endeavor Ballooning will supply all the crew & equipment needed for a successful event!

An average balloon tether lasts about 2 hours. As with any aviation, the pilot will make the final decision as to when the operation will cease.

All of our pilots are commercially rated with the Federal Aviation Administration.
Endeavor Balloonjng would love talk to you or your company about setting a balloon advertising program…

It can be as simple as putting a banner on one of our own balloons for a short time or as much as buying your own balloon and starting a regional or national appearance schedule.

You may also purchase banners for our baskets or the "skirt" of the balloon, which is the lowest portion on the balloon envelope.
The bottom line: statistics show that 70% of the American public have seen a hot air balloon in one way or another, of these, 90% could recall the balloon's message & colors.

Can you remember a time that you recalled a message on a highway bill board ? ? ?

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