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Experience beauty and tranquility while drifting over the Oklahoma countryside as the sun rises. Relax and find harmony while flying high with the birds over the breathtakingly serene Oklahoma landscape.

The awakening of your senses begins at sunrise as cold air inflates your beautiful building size balloon.  We invite you to participate or sit back and observe the process.  Our certified commercial pilot will navigate the flight with your safety and enjoyment in mind.  During your one hour flight the pilot will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  Once back on the ground, we will toast your successful flight and new status as “aeronaut” with a champagne toast.  As a keepsake of your adventure, we will present you with a certificate of flight.

We offer flights 7 days a week in Tulsa. You will find harmony in the 45 –75 minute long excursion; however plan to spend up the three hours with us for your entire ballooning adventure.
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"Champagne Cowboy" - Pilot: Dennis Short
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