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You may make a reservation by phone or email.  If you have a question that is not answered here please feel free to contact us by email or phone at:  (918) 289-3419
Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How do I book my flight?
    You may make a reservation by phone or email.

2. Where do you fly?
    We fly in many areas surrounding Tulsa Metro, including Glenpool,                    Coweta and Broken Arrow.

3. Where do we meet for our flight?
    Our meeting location varies with flying area.

4. How many people can fly at one time?
    We can accommodate up to 4 passengers, depending on size & weight.

5. How do you schedule your passengers?
    Singles and couples will be paired.

6. When do you fly?
    We currently schedule rides 7 days a week, year round at sunrise and two       hours before sunset

7. How do we get back?
    Our first class chase crew will follow the balloon along the beautiful                  country roads, and will be there upon landing to pick you up & bring you            back to your vehicle.

8. How far do we fly?
    Flights may travel 2 to 20 miles. Ultimately the distance covered will be
    determined by the wind conditions of that day.

9. How long is a flight?
    Our balloon rides average 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes in length,
    with the total ballooning experience lasting 3 to 4 hours.

10. How high do we fly?
     Flight altitudes range between 200’ to 2,500’ above the ground. People
     who may be afraid of heights often find our baskets very secure and

11. What happens if I can't make my flight?
     If issues arise and you will not be able to make your flight, we ask that you
     give us 72-hours notice if at all possible.

12. What conditions prohibit a flight?
     Ballooning is strictly a fair weather sport.  Assuming good visibility, the key
     consideration for a safe flight is wind speed.  Generally a launch will not
     take place if wind speeds exceed 8 mph.  The reason? High winds can
     cause unsafe conditions when the pilot has to land the balloon.  Rain,
     surrounding storm systems or high winds are typical weather conditions
     that will prompt us to postpone and reschedule a flight.

13. How do you make your "fly/no-fly" weather decision?
     We have access to 'up to the minute' weather and wind forecasting,
     provided specifically for flight related activities. On rare occasion you may
     note that our reports vary from radio or television weather forecasts.
     Please understand, due to the specific nature of our wind and weather
     requirements, we must make our "fly"/"no fly" decisions based on the
     weather reports provided to us by these sources.

14. Afraid of heights? No worries!
     More than 85% of our passengers consider themselves afraid of heights          in some fashion or another. For those that are adventurous enough to take
     the first step, 99.9% of them will come back to the ground and ask us               when they can fly again! The reason is simple, there is no turbulence, no         swaying,no wind and no motion what so ever

15. Can we bring a camera?

16. Can our friends or family follow us while we fly?
     Yes, you can bring someone along that just wants to watch the balloon set
     up, flight and landing. We have limited room in our chase vehicle. Any
     additional persons will have to follow our chase vehicle in their own car. If
     you intend on following for the entire flight be advised our chase crews top
     priority is the balloon and passengers so we simply ask that you keep up         to them, which we admit can be difficult to do sometimes!

17. Are your pilots licensed?
     Yes! All of our pilots are commercially certified through the Federal              Aviation Administration. Balloon pilots must go through the same process       as an airplane pilot.

18. Do I have to sign a waiver?
     Yes, each person flying in the balloon will need to sign a waiver and                  minors (under 18) must have written parental or legal guardian consent to        fly in the balloon.